Live From America Podcast” is produced by The Comedy Cellar and Rethink production, and has not won any awards. 

The Hosts, comedians and their guests talk about different topics; News, Politics, comedy and culture. And it's discussed in an honest, smart and humorous way. 

The background of the hosts ( American - Middle Eastern and Jewish - Muslim ) adds a special twist to the discussion. 





Noam Dworman is a father,a husband,a lawyer,a musician and a successful businessman..oh Yeah and a Jew.

Noam is the owner of the legendary " Comedy Cellar " and " The Village Underground " .

Dworman really isn’t your typical suit and tie business owner. He’s a witty musician who loves comedy, he is known for spending time and trading barbs with comics at the Comedy Cellar, he is also the host of the hit Sirius XM podcast " Live from the table".



Hatem Gabr is an Egyptian /American producer who was born in Kuwait and witnessed the First Gulf war (The weapons of mass destruction one).

Hatem is the producer of some of the biggest live stand up comedy shows like " Up close and Personal" , " Live from Broadway " , " The New York Show", “Crazy sexy comedy” .. He is also the creator/producer of The Times Square Comedy Festival.

He appeared in many shows including Comedy Centrals “Tough Crowed” with Colin Quinn, Race Wars, MLC and more..