EPISODE 61: Legal advice You might need W/ NBC's Danny Cevallos

This Week's Guest Danny Cevallos, Danny is a criminal defense attorney and legal analyst for MSNBC and NBC News reporting on high-profile cases, and other news events.Comedian Modi, Comedian Derek Humphry and Comedian Boris Khaykin


EPISODE 60: Gay Life

This week with Richard Taylor Pearson, the author of " The Role". Comedian Tony Daro, Comedian Boris Khaykin, and Podcaster Tommy O Malley. 


EPISODE 59: Starbucks & Syria

With Guests Lawyer Michel Paradis, Activist Bassam Rifai, Comedian Modi, Comedian Lou Perez and Comedian Dan Naturman. We discuss current issues, Starbucks issue and the attack on Syria. Bassam Rifai is the Public Relations Committee Chair of the Syrian America council. Michel Paradis currently serves as a senior attorney for the Department of Defense, Office of the Chief Defense Counsel. In that role, he is regularly appointed to represent detainees held at the U.S. Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He has argued numerous cases before the nation’s highest courts and has contributed to scholarly publications on the subjects of international humanitarian law and terrorism.


EPISODE 58: Conspiracy Theories W/ Sander Hicks

This week we discuss conspiracy theories, with Guests Sander Hicks, Oliver Darcy, comedian Modi and Comedian Boris khaykin Sander Hicks Visionary writer. Independent publisher. Award-winning social-change businessman. Sander Hicks has spoken widely across the USA, on five national speaking tours, ranging from radical bookstores to Stanford Law School. Hicks is a veteran of several electoral and ballot effort campaigns with various progressive and reform movements. Sanders is running for Congress 2018 election. Oliver Darcy is a senior media reporter for CNN, writing at the intersection of media and politics. Prior to CNN, Darcy was the politics editor for Business Insider, where he oversaw a team of reporters and covered national politics. He was also the deputy managing editor of The Blaze.


EPISODE 57: Lead From Within With Lolly Daskal

This week on live from America podcast we talk about leadership, what makes a good leader? are leaders born or made? different kind of leadership and of course Trump. Our Guest is LOLLY DASKAL the founder of Lead from Within, a global leadership, executive coaching, and consulting firm based in New York City. Lolly has more than thirty years of experience with some of the world's largest and most successful companies, Daskal is one of today's most sought-after executive leadership coaches and leadership consultants. She has written thousands of articles and columns for a variety of media, including Inc., Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Huffington Post, and Psychology Today. We are also joined by comedian Modi and comedian Lou Perez.


EPISODE 56: War , Fame & Revenge Porn - The Extraordinary life of Ramsha Shifa

This week on Live From America Podcast, we Interview Afghani superstar singer and songwriter Ramsha Shifa. Ramsha had an extraordinary life, she talks about growing up in Afganistan, forced to be married at the age of 12, having a baby at the age of 13 and escaping Taliban. Then she talks about being a female singer in a culture that forbids women from singing and how she followed her dreams and fought to achieve them. She also talks about working as a linguist for the US Military, falling in and out of love with a Marine who then used her private picture on revenge porn to get back at her. Guests: Comedian Lou Perez and Comedian Boris khaykin from we the internet TV . comedian Keren Margolis from Unhirable and Terry Phiaz an ex-US military linguist.


EPISODE 55: Life Inside North Korea With Michael Malice

This week on Live From America Podcast, hosts Noam and Hatem explore the intricacies of North KoreaMichael Malice who is a New York City-based ghostwriter, author, columnist, and media personality. Malice is the co-author of books with D. L. Hughley, Matt Hughes, Michael Fazio, and others. He is the co-creator and founding editor of the humor blog Overheard in New York. He is the author of Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il, and a regular columnist at Observer.Also on the show comedians Lou Perez and Comedian Boris Khaykin from "we the Internet TV."


EPISODE 54 : Faces Of DACA

This episodes guests talk about some of the big issues around America today, as well as having an insightful conversation with members of DACA.
With comedian Dan Naturman, we interview Daniel Diaz and Christopher Rendon from


Episode 53 : The New York Story with Mike Wallace

This week on Live From America Podcast, We interview renowned American historian Mike Wallace. He specializes in the history of New York City, and in the history and practice of "public history". In 1998 he co-authored Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898, which in 1999 won the Pulitzer Prize in History. In 2017, he published a successor volume, Greater Gotham: A History of New York City from 1898 to 1919. Wallace is a Distinguished Professor of History at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (City University of New York), and at the Graduate Center, CUNY...Also on the show comedian Tony Daro , Stephin Calabria.


Episode 52 : Escaping Scientology Twice

This week on Live From America Podcast, an episode About Scientology. A look from the inside. We speak with Karen Pressley (Author of Escaping Scientology) about her time spent trapped within the cult. Also in the studio are Karen Margolis and Tommy O Malley from the Unhireable Podcast.


Episode 51 : Civil Liberties In The Modern Age

On this heated episode of Live From America Podcast, we are joined by high ranking staff from the ACLU. Lee Rowland (@berkitron) is back on the air with Noam by popular demand. She is the Senior Staff Attorney for the ACLU Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project. Jay Stanley (@JayCStanley) is the Senior Policy Analyst with that same project. Also on the show Comedian Dan Naturman and Journalist Stephen Calabria


Episode 50 : #MeToo And The Flawed Aziz Discussion

This week on Live From America Podcast, we discuss the #metoo movement with a panel of female comedians / journalists / influencers. Jena Friedman (Comedian, The Daily Show, Letterman), Eve Peyser (Writer for Vice), and Kelsey Adams (NYC LifeStyle Blogger | @koolkelsey on instagram). We are also joined by Lou Perez (Comedian, Writer, WeTheInternet.TV) .
We have an interesting conversation about the #metoo movement. The national dialogue took an odd turn in the wake of recent articles about fringe sexual misconduct . All of our guests, including some journalists, agreed that the article published on about Aziz Ansari was very shoddy reporting.


Episode 49 : Stormy Daniels and Aziz Ansari

This week on Live From America Podcast, we discuss the emergency government shutdown [and who is responsible], and the discovery of Trump's involvement with famed adult film star, Stormy Daniels. 
(Aka Stephanie Gregory Clifford). We also discuss the Aziz Ansari story by
Our amazing guests this week are:
Richard Zacks: the author of CHASING THE LAST LAUGH: Mark Twain's Raucous and Redemptive Round-the-World Comedy Tour"(Doubleday)
538.COM stars Harry Enten and Galen Druke
Lou Perez is a comedian and writer from the Youtube channel "We The Internet"


Taking A Knee with David Rees

In the wake of the NFL protests, we debate whether or not such acts should be taking place. David Rees emphatically loves what's going on and encourages more of it. Michael thinks that an entertainment event should not be the outlet for political statements. The reactions of players and crowds at NFL games have been highly varied. Aaron Rodgers pleaded for the entire stadium to hold hands, and they did not. The Pittsburgh Steelers opted to not be on the field during the National Anthem. Fans in the stands have also been criticized for not "respecting" the anthem as well.


Episode 47: Hawaiian Ballistic Missiles and Shitholes

New Episode: This week on Live From America Podcast; we sit down with Professor of Epidemiology Joshua Epstein. Dr. Epstein has extensive experience in mathematical and computational modeling.
We of course also discuss the recent events from the White House, including the Hawaiian ballistic missile scare, and President Trump calling Haiti and other African nations "Shitholes".
Other guests on the show Comedian Modi Rosenfeld & Comedian Tony Daro, comedian Deepu Gill


Episode 46: Silk Road The Dark Web - An Interview with Lyn Ulbricht

On this episode of Live From America Podcast, Our special guest is Lyn Ulbricht, the mother of Ross Ulbricht (famed creator of the website "Silk Road"). Ross is currently serving a double life sentence in a Federal prison. As we hear from a mother who believes her son was truly wrongfully imprisoned, We learn about what it is like for Lynn to fight her fight, and to hear what reason a Federal judge gave for taking her sons freedom. With comedians, Modi and Tony Daro, reporter Stephen Calabria, Hosted by Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr.

resized podcast image.jpg

Episode 45: A Discussion With the Great John Podhoretz

This week we are very excited to be joined by John Mordecai Podhoretz. He is the editor for Commentary Magazine, and was previously the chief political columnist for the New York Post, a speechwriter in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, and a consultant for the television program “West Wing.” He has also worked for Time Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, and The Washington Times. He is also a 5-time Jeopardy winner as well! We find out why he is no longer allowed to play any game shows anymore. Listen as we discuss a medley of current events and give an untainted viewpoint you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

resized podcast image.jpg

Episode 43: Inside the Army of Terror with CNN'S Michael Weiss

Our featured guest this week is Journalist Michael Weiss (CNN National Security Analyst, Coauthor, ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror). We discuss his time reporting from Syria at the start of the Syrian Revolution, as well as his reporting on matters pertaining to ISIS and the US invasion of Iraq. Were these conflicts justified?

resized podcast image.jpg

Episode 42: Women and Hollywood with Brooke Gladstone

Women, Hollywood, And How We React To It All. After Louie C.K. admits to sexual misconduct, the media companies are cutting all ties with him. We ask the difficult questions on this stimulating episode with Brooke Gladstone (Co-Host, Editor of WNYC's On the Media, author of "The Influencing Machine" and "The Trouble with Reality: A Rumination on Moral Panic"), Brandon O'Neal (columnist and writer) and Lou Perez from (We The Internet TV on YouTube: We also, as usual have Modi ( as well as Noam, Hatem, and Fred Kaplan (Slate Magazine).

resized podcast image.jpg

Episode 41: Italian Americans, #Weinstein, and #Terror in #NYC

This week we are joined by the founder of the Italian American Museum, Dr. Joseph Scelsca. We have a very frank but funny conversation about the trials of Italian immigrants and their portrayal in the media. Even though we expected our guest to "clam up" about certain current events, he has a lot to say on the Hollywood / Weinstein scandal as well as the #terror attack that took place in Lower Manhattan
Also on the show is Modi, Wil Sylvince, Hatem Gabr, and Noam DwormanThis week we are joined by the founder of the Italian American Museum, Dr. Joseph Scelsca. We have a very frank but funny conversation about the trials of Italian immigrants and their portrayal in the media. Even though we expected our guest to "clam up" about certain current events, he has a lot to say on the Hollywood / Weinstein scandal as well as the #terror attack that took place in Lower Manhattan
Also on the show is Modi, Wil Sylvince, Hatem Gabr, and Noam Dworman

resized podcast image.jpg

Episode 40: Inching Towards Insanity With Fred Kaplan

Fred M. Kaplan is a liberal American author and journalist. His weekly "War Stories" column for Slate magazine covers international relations and U.S. foreign policy.We discuss a slew of news stories from the headlines, including Hollywood scandals and Paul Manafort and Robert Gates turning themselves in (after pleading guilty to making false statements). We also look back how Status of Forces Agreements (SOFA) have been interpreted around the world.

resized podcast image.jpg

Episode 39: DACA

This week on Live From America Podcast, we are joined by Oliver Darcy (Senior Media Reporter at CNN) and Hadas Gold (reporter covering European politics at CNN). We discuss the kicking of DACA down the road, missiles being fired over Japan, and how Hillary Clinton can improve her charm

resized podcast image.jpg

Episode 38 : The North Korean Missile w/ Keegan Hamilton (Vice News Editor)

We sit down with Vice News Editor Keegan Hamilton, Comedian Modi, Comedian Greg Rogell, and Stephen Calabria to discuss the North Korean missile that was shot over Japan in August 2017. Is North Korea a threat to the world? A threat to the United States? Is ISIS more of a threat? How has the situation come to this? Keegan has reported for Vice News on the subject matter and it makes for a fantastic episode.

resized podcast image.jpg

Episode 37 : After UFO's discussion, Charlottesville with Just The Boys

Recorded just after the skype call with Nick Pope, the regulars discuss the validity of UFO's and other conspiracy theories. Then around the half way point, they shift gears and discuss the impact of events like #Charlottesville and the rise of the Anti-Fa movement.

resized podcast image.jpg

Episode 36 : UFO's & the unexplained theories w/ Nick Pope

Our guest Mr. Nick Pope ran the British government's UFO project and is the world's leading authority on UFOs, the unexplained and conspiracy theories....enjoy...

resized podcast image.jpg

Episode 35 : Do you believe in God ? and an interview with an Ex Muslim

This week on Live From America Podcast, we are joined by the Ex-Muslim Harris Sultan, and comedians Mike Yard and Keren Margolis. 
We talked about believing in God and interviewed Harris on his beliefs and thoughts on leaving Islam.

resized podcast image.jpg

Episode 34 : Special Edition With Nate Silver and Harry Enten (

A Special Exclusive Edition. This week on Live From America Podcast, we are joined by Editor-in-Chief of, Nate Silver, as well as FiveThirtyEight's political writer and analyst, Harry Enten. Also in the studio, we have a former longtime writer for the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Rory Albanese and reporter Stephen Calabria. Nate shares his latest findings with the political landscape and what their implications are long-term.

Episode 33 : Black Flags With Joby Warrick

We are joined by two times Pulitzer Prizes winner, Journalist Joby Warrick( The Washington Post), comedian Mike Yard, comedian Keren Margolis and producer Stephen Calabria.

Episode 32 : The Muslim Marine

Tayyib Rashid, the Muslim Marine, is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a member of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community , he join us via Skype with Comedian Modi and Tommy O'Malley ( regular on Race Wars Podcast ) yo discuss being a Muslim Marine and the current events.

Episode 31 : Military cooop With Rosa Brooks

Rosa Brooks is a Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation, a columnist, An Author, and a law professor at Georgetown University. She previously worked at the Pentagon and has also served as a senior advisor at the US Department of State. Joined by Comedian Tony Daro and Comedian Modi to discuss current issues.

Episode 30 : An Attack on Congress and Baseball

John Bohrer ( Author of The Revolution Of Robert Kennedy), Comedian Andrew Schulz and reporter Stephen Calabria join Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in a discussion about the attack on congressmen , terrorist attacks in London and Mr Bohrer new book.

Episode 29 : You Cant Handle The Truth

NBC star analyst and former FBI agent Clint watts returns to the show with Comedian Tony Daro , Comedian Modi and Dr Craig Considine(Lecturer of Sociology at Rice University )to talk about the Comey testimony and Islam.

Episode 28 : Interview With a Purple Heart Veteran

Elana Duffy a Former US Military/ Purple Heart Awardee ,comedian Greg Rogell , Reporter Stephen Calabria , Join Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in a discussion about Veterans, Terrorism and of course Trump.

Episode 27 : When Jews Collide

Jenn Pollan activist and member of IfNotNow " the movement to end the American Jewish community’s support for the Israeli occupation".and Comedian Tony Daro , Join Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in a heated debate about the support of American Jews to Israel.

Episode 26 : Say Goodbye To James Comey

Our Guests Karen Greenberg (Center on National Security at Fordham Law School), Comedian Tony Daro and Reporter Stephen Calabria talk about firing of FBI Director James Comey, Guantanamo Bay detention Center and Trump continues to run the country like a business.

Episode 25 : Sex Education With Sari Cooper

Sari Cooper-Certified Sex Therapist & Author and host of " Sex Esteem" educate us on sex and relationships , with comedian Modi and Stephen Calabria

Episode 24 : Save Roberto Beristain

The Story of Roberto Beristain, a business owner who lived with his wife Helen and their four American-born children in Mishawaka and was recently deported to Mexico. We talked with Mr. Adam M. Ansari, the spokes person on behalf of the Roberto Beristain and his family since being detained on February 6, 2017.With guest Terry Faiz and Comedian Modi.


Episode 23 : Sexual Harassment and Interview with a Porn star

This week we discuss Sexual harassment , Feminism and the Porn Industry. With our guests , Jessica Bennett - contributing editor at The New York Times and the author of Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace.
And Porn star AVN Award winner , The OC milf Joclyn Stone.

Episode 22 : The Truth

The Truth about International Law explained by Michel Paradis
( senior attorney for the Department of Defense, Office of the Chief Defense Counsel) and inside information about Syria by Dr Basel Termanini (Vice president of the Syrian American medical society)

Episode 21 : The Famous FBI agent

Renowned former FBI agent and current media sensation Clint Watts; Buzzfeed reporter Rhonda Elnaggar; stand up comedian Modi; and reporter Stephen A. Calabria join us in discussion about clint's testimony in front of the senate and of course Russia.

Episode 20 : The Trump Survival Guide

Gene Stone Author of " The Trump Survival Guide and comedian Tony Daro join Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in the studio to discuss his book and other Issues.




Harry Enten(Senior political writer & analyst at Five Thirty Eight .com), former DOD Linguist and US ARMY veteran Terry Faiz and comedian Tony Daro , Join Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in a discussion about Trump Taxes , Rachel Maddow and and being an American / Afghani Linguist.


This week, We speak with Rafael Shimunov (Working Families Party) and Cynthia Trinh (Documentarian, Activist) about Antisemitism incidents , Transgender rights and being an activist.


Fred Kaplan slate's War stories columnist ( Author of Dark Territory), Clint watts ( Former FBI agent and US Army) and comedian Dan Naturman , join Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in a great discussion about Russia , Trump and Cyber war.

EPISODE 16 : Rebellious Moods

Activist Daniel Lund, Iraqi businessman Al Hakam and comedian Modi , join Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in a discussion about Airport protests , Iraq and of course Trump...

EPISODE 15 : The Trump Era

Comedian Modi , comedian Karen Margolis , Reprter Stephen Calabria and Dave Chappelle's former manager Mustafa Abuelhija join Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in a discussion about the trump coming era.

EPISODE 14 : Immigration

Justine Marous , Chief editor of " The Immigration Post" , managing member of Marous law group and Comedian Nathan Macintosh joins Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in a discussion about immigration.

EPISODE 13 : Sex Therapy

Dr G and And comedian Jon Laster Join Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in a discussion about Turkey, Sex Therapy and of course Trump.


Aaron C. Morris ( National leader in LGBTQ immigration law )and Reporter Stephen A. Calabria , joins Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in a discussion about LGBTQ rights and issues.

EPISODE 11 : The Guantanamo Bay Lawyer

Michel Paradis, senior attorney for the Department of Defense, (Regularly appointed to represent detainees held in Guantanamo Bay) and Comedian Modi, join Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in a very interesting and Hilarious discussion about Guantanamo Bay and torture
Dr. Basel Termanini Vice President at SAMS(Syrian American Medical Society)then join them via Skype to discuss the conditions in Aleppo and his amazing efforts to help.

EPISODE 10 : Black Lives Matter & the Male Guardian "Thing"

Comedian Pat Brown and Saudi activist Moudhy, join Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in a discussion about some of the Issues facing the black community, and also The male guardian "thing" in Saudi Arabia.

EPISODE 9 FBI Agent in Da House

FBI Special agent Counter terrorism Clint Watts and Comedian Dan Naturman ( Semi finalist America's Got Talent )Join Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in a discussion about Terrorism and other issues.

EPISODE 8 : Socialism ...Seriously

Danny Katch comedian, activist, and the author of " Socialism... Seriously" and activist Mariano Muñoz-Elías . Join Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in a heated Hilarious discussion about Socialism, Cuba and being an activist in NYC.

EPISODE 7 : Kurt Metzger and the Egyptian NFL Team..

Comedian Kurt Metzger(An Emmy Award Winner)and the Egyptian NFL Team ( Moe , Aldo and Danny)Join Noam Dworman & Hatem Gabr in a Hilarious discussion about owning a business in NY , Racism , etc..

EPISODE 6 : Let Me Ask You This...

SNL writer/comedian Tony Daro and Bronx former district attorney Seema Iyer Join Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in a very interesting humorous conversation about....Everything !!!

EPISODE 5 : Punjabi Americans (Indians In America)

"Indians In America" - Noam Dworman and Hatem gabr are joined by Comedian Narinder Singh, Comedian Deepu Gill (From Geeks of New York Podcast)and Ishan Nirola, in a smart and funny discussion about being and Indian in America, the elections and the Sikh religion.

EPISODE 4 : Asians In America

Comedian Esther Ku and retired NYPD Sargent Simon join Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in a hilarious discussion about Asians in America.

EPISODE 3 : The Jewish Insider

Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr are joined by Jacob Kornbluh, the political correspondent for the Jewish Insider as they discuss the elections, the Middle East and the Hasidic Jewish community.

Episode 2: How Does ISIS Recruit ? And R You On Tinder ?

Noam Dworman & Hatem Gabr are joined by Daisy Khan the Executive Director of WISE - Park 51 mosque planner And Gulmina Mahmud from Iqra fund in a discussion about how ISIS recruit terrorists , Park 51 project and the war on terrorism.

Episode 1:  The Sea Hawks Celebration                                           

Saturday Night Live Writer & Comedian Tony Daro joins Hosts , Noam Dworman and Hatem Gabr in Hilarious discussion , where they talk about American policies , Terrorism , Islam , Israel and everything in between !!!  The Hosts and their Comedian Guest then Interview , Imam Dayiee Abudalla - The first openly guy Muslim Imam and discuss his opinions , thoughts and work.